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Morela Ophthalmologist Eye Centre was established with the purpose of providing services that are comparable to the results of acclaimed centres throughout Western Europe and the United States. Today, Morela Ophthalmologist Centre is renowned as one of the leading centres for eye refractive surgery, not only in Slovenia but also in the wider region. We perform our work with the understanding that maintaining top quality in all aspects is key to achieving outstanding results. This is why we continuously invest in technology and staff expertise.

We have complete trust in our doctors and in the cutting edge technology we use and are prepared to assume lifelong responsibility for stable results following laser surgery performed at our Centre.

The expertise and experience of our doctors is also valued abroad. They give lectures and lead workshops at many international expert conferences.
Our Eye Centre is the organizer of the only Slovenian expert conference in the field of refractive surgery (Ljubljana Refractive Surgery Meeting), which is attended by the most respected international experts.

We are the only Eye Centre in the wider region with an accreditation from the American Joint Commission International organization, which is recognized as the most respected accreditation institution in the field of health care. All of our work processes are carefully supervised. This, along with our professionalism, long years of experience and the modern technology we use, ensures our patients with the highest level of quality and safety in the services we provide.

  • Vesna Morela,  MD, Specialist of Ophthalmology

    Vesna Morela, MD, Specialist of Ophthalmology


    As founder and long-time Head of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Novo Mesto General Hospital, Dr. Morela is one of the most respected ophthalmologists in Slovenia. She is distinguished by her long years of experience in cataract surgery, corneal transplant surgery and laser refractive surgery.

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  •   Kristina Mikek,  MD, MSc, Specialist in Ophthalmology

    Kristina Mikek, MD, MSc, Specialist in Ophthalmology


    Dr. Mikek's specialist areas of expertise include refractive eye surgery, cataract surgery and keratoconus treatment. Over ten years of experience, numerous professional trainings attended in reputable centres around the world and the successful performance of over 1,500 eye surgeries per year attest to Dr. Mikek's level of expertise, while the immense satisfaction of her patients speaks of her dedication in always putting patients first.

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  • Urša Pečjak,  MD, Specialist of Ophthalmology

    Urša Pečjak, MD, Specialist of Ophthalmology


    Dr. Pečjak's area of expertise covers diagnostics and the treatment of eye diseases, orthoptics and pediatric ophthalmology. She is qualified to monitor patients after eye surgery and performs surgeries using the YAG laser. Dr. Pečjak has gained experience and expertise from attending several trainings abroad. She completed her specialization with an international specialist exam taken in Paris.

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Our advantages are our results and patient satisfaction

All surgeries (from 2002)Average satisfactionFrequency of complications in lens insertion

Over 10,000


Less than 0.1%


Satisfaction with visual acuity after laser refractive surgerySatisfaction with visual acuity after intraocular lens implantationAverage visual acuity and dependence on reading glasses before and after cataract surgery

Over 1000 patients annually have trusted us in undergoing eye surgery at our clinic for over 10 years. 99% of those who underwent refractive surgery left with perfect eyesight and, as a result of their experience, 82% of them would recommended the surgery to others. We are proud of the results in our client satisfaction and in fullfiling our clients' expectations. We exceed expectations about visual acuity in over half of our clients.

Laser refractive surgery has certain limitations regarding the degree of dioptre that can be corrected. But this does not mean that there is no help for those with a high degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness. In these cases, we can achieve complete refractive vision correction with intraocular lens insertion. This method of refractive vision correction has also proven reliable in the long-term and is safe, while ensuring stable long-term visual acuity. Our statistics indicate an average of 100% visual acuity after intraocular contact lens insertion and 95% of our patients would warmly recommend surgery to others.

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries. In this procedure, we replace the blurred natural eye lens with an artificial one, using short and completely painless surgery to restore the patient's vision. Modern intraocular lenses with a complex optical system also enables the restoration of clear eyesight when seeing objects that are both close by and at a distance - simultaneous presbyopia correction. With the decision for a multifocal intraocular lens, we therefore not only restore vision but also provide the patient with complete independence from reading and distance glasses.

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Vseh operacij (od 2002)

Preko 10.000

Zadovoljstvo z vidno ostrino po laserski operaciji dioptrije

Letno nam zaupa preko 1000 pacientov, ki pri nas opravijo katerega od očesnih operativnih posegov, in to že več kot deset let. 99% tistih, ki smo jim z laserjem odpravili dioptrijo, je s posegom pridobilo popoln vid in kar 82% jih je zaradi svoje izkušnje poseg priporočilo tudi drugim. Ponosni smo tudi na rezultate o zadovoljstvu in izpolnitvi pričakovanj pacientov, ki kažejo, da pri več kot polovici pacientov pričakovanja glede kakovosti vida po operaciji celo presežemo.

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Povprečno zadovoljstvo
Zadovoljstvo z vidno ostrino po vstavitvi kontaktne leče

Odprava dioptrije z laserjem ima določene omejitve glede stopnje dioptrije, ki jo lahko na ta način korigiramo. To pa ne pomeni, da za tiste z visoko stopnjo kratkovidnosti ali daljnovidnosti ni pomoči. V takšnih primerih lahko dosežemo popolno odpravo dioptrije z vstavitvijo znotrajočesne kontaktne leče. Tudi ta oblika odprave dioptrije se je izkazala kot dolgoročno zanesljiva ter varna in zagotavlja stabilno vidno ostrino na dolgi rok. V naši statistiki beležimo povprečno 100% vidno ostrino po vstavitvi znotrajočesne kontaktne leče in kar 95% pacientov bi operacijo zelo priporočilo tudi drugim.

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Pogostost zapletov pri vstavitvi leče

Manj kot 0.1%

Povprečna vidna ostrina in odvisnost od bralnih očal pred in po operaciji sive mrene

Gre za eno najpogostejših očesnih operacij, pri kateri zamotnjeno naravno očesno lečo nadomestimo z umetno in tako pacientu s kratkim ter povsem nebolečim posegom povrnemo vid. Sodobne znotrajočesne leče s kompleksnim optičnim sistemom omogočijo tudi povrnitev sposobnosti ostrega vida pri gledanju na daljavo in bližino, torej hkratno odpravo starostne daljnovidnosti. Z odločitvijo za multifokalno znotrajočesno lečo tako ne povrnemo le vid, pač pa pacientu omogočimo tudi popolno neodvisnost od očal za branje in daljavo.

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