Refractive error correction with intraocular lens implantation

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If your dioptric value is very high, than the first thing you do in the morning is probably looking for glasses. And because without them you can barely see you probably know the feeling of weakness if they unexpectedly break, smash or only mislay. There is a solution also for you, we can guarantee a perfect eyesight and make sure that you say goodbye to your glasses forever.

Goodbye to a high refractive error

If your nearsightedness or farsightedness is very high you are probably not a candidate for laser refractive surgery but we can correct your visual acuity with surgery with intraocular lens implantation. This type of surgery is similarly successful and safe as laser refractive error correction, although it is not so known among people. Because of a major difference between visual acuity before and after surgery, the improvement of the quality of life is much more dramatic and normally exceeds patients’ expectations.

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  • Nina
    Nina, 25 years

    Eye surgery changed my life. Before surgery my diopters were -9.00 on both eyes, after surgery it was reduced up to 100% vision, which made me really happy, and despite the initial fear of surgery I recommend it to everyone. Not just the fact that I can see great again, also the fact that I do not have to insert lenses daily any more means a lot to me, and I do not have to care about my lens supply, daily concern about eye hygiene and I do not have to ask myself if I have all of the tools with me since if I lost my lenses I could not function anywhere with such diopter!
    Beside painless surgery I have to mention the caring and professional staff, which during and after surgery offers you the help that you need and information, and they give you the feeling of confidence in the work they practise. Congratulations and compliments!

Average visual acuity without eyeglasses before and after surgery


Non bothering intraocular lenses

In the last decade remarkable progress was made in the development of new shapes of lenses which we implant in the eye and correct the refractive error. These lenses are because of their smallness completely imperceptible and they do not change the appearance of the eye in any way. They are made of a biologically compatible material which is used for more than 50 years in cataract surgery and which the eye tolerates well. In our center we use just the most qualitative intraocular lenses Visian ICL.

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  • Assessment of suitability for surgery
    Duration: 15 minutes

    Informative consultation is a short free examination with which we find out whether you are a good candidate for one of the refractive error correction surgery. If it turns out that for refractive error correction in your case the surgery with intraocular lens implantation would be a good choice, we will explain the course of surgery, its benefits and limitations. We will answer to all of your questions. The guarantee for the highest degree of safety and quality of our procedures are our experience, professional qualification and the most modern technologic equipment. All of this is confirmed by the received international accreditation of the American foundation Joint Commission International.
    With a short test you can verify by yourself if you are one of those who are probably good candidates for laser refractive error correction.

  • Detailed examination before surgery
    Duration: 1 hour

    Before surgery, a detailed examination of the eyes, which includes the examination of its fundus and measurements which are necessary to choose and insert the intraocular lens, is performed. In this way we exclude the presence of eventual diseases or alterations of the eye where intraocular lens insertion is not recommendable. The factors which limit the possibility for intraocular lens insertion are the width of the pupil and depth of the anterior chamber of eyeball. On the basis of the results of the examinations and the talk about expectations of the eyesight we will recommend the most proper lens for your eye. You can be reassured with the fact that we use only the most qualitative lenses of leading specialist producers which are proved to be safe and ensure a life-long high-quality vision. For your eyes, we use only the best!

  • Surgical treatment
    Duration: 30 minutes

    The procedure of the insertion of intraocular lens is an outpatient surgery, performed under local anesthesia. The whole procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is completely painless. Usually we perform it first on one eye and two to three weeks later also on the other one. We correct the refractive error by inserting the artificial lens trough few millimeters wide cut in the anterior part of the eye. In intraocular lens insertion in the contrary of the laser surgery, we do not remodel the cornea and we do not remove the natural lens. After surgery you will get all necessary medications and instructions how to take them. Our doctors are in the first few days after surgery available on telephone 24 hours a day. We find the simple and quick doctor availability very important, because it gives the patient a feeling of safety and it calms them down.

  • After - surgery examination
    Duration: 15 minutes

    Recovery from such a procedure is quick; the eyesight is usually already the next day completely normal. Nevertheless in the first days after surgery, reading for a long period of time, working on computer or watching television have to be avoided. It is possible that you will be a little more sensitive to strong light, the light may dazzle you, and lacrimation of the operated eye could be present. The first after-surgery examination is usually performed the next day after surgery, additional two check-ups follow in the period of two to three weeks. We always modify the after-surgery examination in the way that we follow your recovery, which ensures your safety and the optimal result of refractive error correction.



What if my eye will not tolerate the intraocular lens?

Lenses are made from the same material as the ones inserted in the eye in cataract surgery which are used for more than 50 years. It is proved that this material is not rejected by the eye and that such lens ensures a life-long high-quality vision. It is possible that with age your natural lens blurs because of cataract development. In this case the intraocular contact lens is removed together with the natural one in cataract surgery.

What if something goes wrong?

The fear of every surgery is very common and normal. The easiest way to fight it is with getting the most information he can about the recommended surgery and with getting to know the experiences of other patients who have already undergone such surgery. It is very important that the patient trusts the surgeon and the technique, and a very important thing is also the personal contact with the doctor which will be performing the surgery. Long-term experiences and professionalism of the doctors, high-tech equipment and the international accreditation of our center are the assurance of the highest degree of safety of every surgery.

Is the intraocular lens insertion surgery painful?

No. This surgery is completely painless, performed under local anesthesia. It is possible that you will be a little more sensitive to strong light, the light may dazzle you, and lacrimation of the operated eye could be present.

Does the inserted eye lens change the eye appearance?

No, the eye after the insertion of intraocular lens looks completely natural. The intraocular lens lays in the anterior chamber of eyeball right behind the iris and is put on the natural lens. We can hardly notice it with the bare eye also if we look at the eye from up close.


    If you are thinking about getting rid of your glasses and seeing again, we are inviting you to join us on the informative lecture. You will learn everything about refractive error correction surgeries, you will get practical information about the course of examinations, surgery and recovery. 
    You will get to know our team and have a chance of a relaxed consultation with the doctor.



Includes surgery, the most modern intraocular lens Visian, all needed medications and follow-up visits. Possibility of payment in installments. With no waiting periods.

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