Refractive error correction laser surgery

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Imagine that you open your eyes and you can see. That you don't have to catch your glasses in a little more dynamic movement of your head or search for the eyeglass cleaner cloth to wipe the sweat on lenses in the middle of the most intense sport action. With a completely painless surgery we can in 15 minutes ensure you almost a perfect vision and enable the independence from lenses and glasses.

Basic criteria for laser refractive eye correction surgery

If you are 20-40 years old, your eyes are healthy, and your nearsightedness does not exceed -8 or your farsightedness +4 in diopters, notwithstanding the degree of astigmatism, there is high chance that you are a good candidate for permanent laser refractive error correction surgery. In very high diopters (nearsightedness more than -8 or farsightedness more than +4) and in presbyopia, other surgeries for improving the visual acuity are more proper, mostly surgeries of intraocular lens implantation.

More about patient experiences
  • Martina
    Martina, 25 years

    After two years of deciding I finally gathered enough courage and underwent laser refractive surgery. I was reading forums and decided for Morela Ophthalmologists. I was very satisfied with kindness and professionalism of the staff during all examinations and also during surgery. Before surgery I was really scared, but it is not as bad as it seems at first. The surgery does not last long and it is painless. After surgery I was in pain for few hours, but the next day the pain vanished. Right after surgery my sight was sharp. I can not describe my feelings…it was like I was reborn.

  • Anja
    Anja, 30 years

    Thank you very much for the support before, during and after surgery. I feel like I was reborn, and I will gladly recommend you to others, since I was really satisfied. Thank you once again!

  • Tom
    Tom, 32 years

    My vision is finally sharp day and night - from up close and far away. My vision is stable and after surgery it also improved (regeneration). I really enjoy flying very high. Thank you very much MO!

  • Simona
    Simona, 31 years

    After a long “flirting” with the idea to undergo refractive surgery for refractive surgery, this February I realized it. Before, for about 15 years, I was using glasses and lenses. The surgery was performed with Lasek procedure. Before surgery I had -2,5 diopters but now my vision is 150% as they said during examination!! :) I am very happy with the results as I am with the staff-patient relation, and for this reason I would recommend such surgery to everyone who has problems with eyesight, since the life quality after refractive surgery improves extremely!! And good luck!

Average visual acuity without eyeglasses before and after surgery

Fear of laser is completely unnecessary

Laser surgery for refractive error correction are being performed for more than 30 years and many researches proved that this is a safe method which ensures stable visual acuity on long term. We know several techniques for laser refractive error correction with which more than 50 millions of patients were treated all over the world. The statistics show that after this kind of surgery more than 98 percent of patients can see clearly looking distant objects without glasses.

More about surgery success


  • Assessment of suitability for surgery
    Duration: 15 minutes

    Informative consultation is a short free examination with which we find out whether you are a good candidate for one of the refractive error correction surgery. During the consultation with the doctor you will find out what are the chances for laser refractive error correction surgery in your case, and you will get answers about eventual doubts. These are most often connected with fear of laser. The guarantee for the highest degree of safety and quality of our procedures are our experience, professional qualification and the most modern technologic equipment. All of this is confirmed by the received international accreditation of the American foundation JCI.

    With a short test you can verify by yourself if you are one of those who are probably good candidates for laser refractive error correction.

  • Detailed examination before surgery
    Duration: 1 hour

    If you correspond to conditions for laser surgery, before performing surgery we will perform a detailed examination of the eyes and its fundus. In this way we exclude the presence of eventual diseases or alterations of the eye where laser surgery is not recommendable, and perform measurements which are necessary for surgery performance. On the basis of the results of the examinations and the conversation about expectations about the eyesight, we suggest the most suitable procedure for you, and we explain in details the course of the procedure. We will present the advantages of the individualized Wavefront laser correction and the difference between the most frequently used techniques LASIK and LASEK. We are aware of the importance of the decision for such procedure and the particularity of every individual. We find the individual treatment of every single person very important.

  • Surgical treatment
    Duration: 15 minutes

    The whole duration of laser refractive error correction is 10 to 15 minutes and it is completely painless. We can correct the refractive error with fast impulses of a just 0,8 mm wide cold laser ray, produced by the excimer laser. With this technology we can very precisely in just 10-12 seconds remodel the cornea. Laser follows the eye movement and adapts, if the movements are too big, the procedure is automatically stopped, and continues when the eye calms again. For this reason, the fear that something would go wrong if you move during the procedure, jerk or sneeze, is completely unnecessary. After surgery you will get all necessary medications and instructions how to take them. Our doctors are in the first few days after surgery available on telephone 24 hours a day. We find the simple and quick doctor availability very important, because it gives the patient a feeling of safety and it calms them down.

  • After - surgery examination
    Duration: 1 hour

    In the first days after surgery, reading for a long period of time, working on computer or watching television have to be avoided. It is possible that you will be a little more sensitive to strong light, the light may dazzle you, and lacrimation of the operated eye could be present. Vision acuity after surgery improves in different periods of time, this depends also on the type of surgery performed. In LASIK method, vision can return after few hours, in LASEK method it lasts a little longer. The first after-surgery examination is performed between the first and the fourth day after surgery. We always modify the after-surgery examination in the way that we follow your recovery, which ensures your safety and the optimal result of refractive error correction.



How do I know if I am a good candidate for laser refractive error correction?

If you are 20-40 years old, your eyes are healthy, and your nearsightedness does not exceed -8 or your farsightedness +4 in diopters, notwithstanding the degree of astigmatism, there is high chance that you are a good candidate for permanent laser refractive error correction surgery. Only the doctor can confirm this on the basis of the informative examination, which is for free. You can book an appointment here.

Is refractive surgery painful?

No. Laser surgery, as the surgery with the phakic intraocular lens insertion, is a completely painless procedure which is performed under local anesthesia. After surgery, in the methods of corneal surface smoothing, discomfort or eye irritation, which are treated with eye drops or pills against pain, can appear.

Is there any information about long-term laser refractive error correction results?

Laser surgeries for refractive error correction are in different forms performed in the world more than three decades. Therefore, this procedure is very well researched, long-term results are documented in details. Many researches proved that laser refractive error correction surgery is a safe method, which ensures a long-term stable vision acuity.

For how long does the new vision acuity last?

All studies done so far show that probably for the rest of your life. Clinical studies showed that surgically changed corneal curvature after surgery with the Excimer laser stays unchanged.


    If you are thinking about getting rid of your glasses and seeing again, we are inviting you to join us on the informative lecture. You will learn everything about refractive error correction surgeries, you will get practical information about the course of examinations, surgery and recovery. 
    You will get to know our team and have a chance of a relaxed consultation with the doctor.


Self-pay price from 790 EUR

Includes laser surgery, all medications needed and all checkups. Possibility of payment in installments.


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