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In the area around eyes, for different reasons changes, which cause inflammation, swelling or in any other way irritates the eye, can occur. These changes can be successfully treated with minor outpatient surgical interventions which are performed also in our center.

Disturbing for the appearance, disturbing for the eyesight

Different cysts, warts and other outgrowths which occur on eyelids and beside eyes are a very frequent. Mostly they are bothering because of the visual appearance of the eyes, but sometimes they can decrease the visual acuity. In both cases we advise their removal in an early phase. If you noticed any changes in the area of your eyes, visit our center.

Frequency of skin changes around eyes

Patients, to whom we performed skin changes removal, classification according to age

Skin changes removal

The removal procedure is simple, painless, in the arms of our ophthalmologist specialized for cosmetic surgery, and also completely safe. With the skin changes removal you won’t take care just for a better eyesight, if only as a precaution, you will also return your real appearance to your face.


  • Pre-operative examination
    Duration: 15 minutes

    On the examination we estimate the nature of changes in the eyes area which cause you trouble. If there are skin changes which are bothering mostly from a cosmetic point of view, we talk about your expectations and wishes, and on the basis of this talk we recommend you the most appropriate form of surgery and present you the expected results of the treatment.



  • Surgical treatment
    Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

    All of the treatments on eyelids and skin in the eye area we usually perform as an outpatient surgery under local anesthesia. Surgery duration depends on the type of the procedure and extension of changes, but most commonly it takes 30 minutes to one hour. After surgery you receive the instructions about postoperative care. Our doctors are in the first few days after surgery available on telephone 24 hours a day. We find the simple and quick doctor availability very important, because it gives the patient a feeling of safety and it calms them down.

  • After-surgery examination
    Duration: 15 minutes

    After some more demanding treatments, a check-up is necessary, sometimes also suture removal. Such examination is performed a week or two after surgery. We always modify the after-surgery examination in the way that we follow your recovery, which ensures your safety and the optimal result of the treatment.





Why do cysts and warts appear?

Warts usually appear as a reaction of skin to viruses. They grow slowly, and are also prone to itching and can often become inflamed, and cause discomfort or pain. Cysts occur when gland secretion or sweat accumulates under skin in a gland. If they appear on the edge of the eyelid, they can affect vision.

Must this changes necessarily be removed?

No, but it is recommendable. Warts tend to grow in large numbers. Cysts can grow quickly and site-threatening.

How large must the change be to remove it?

Also very small cysts and warts can cause problems in sight, and are disturbing because of inflammation, itching or discomfort. With precise surgical instruments also very small changes can be removed. We do not need to wait that they grow.

Is there a scar after removal?

The skin around eyes is very thin but it heals fast. Postoperative scar appearance depends on the largeness of the alteration. If there is a smaller alteration, there are no scars after surgery, but if the alteration is left to grow too much before its removal, small postoperative scars can be seen after surgery.



Includes the examination with consultation, surgery and all follow-up visits. Possibility of payment in installments. With no waiting periods.

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