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If you notice that in low lighting you can barely see, hardly recognize colors, if the sun light dazzles you or you see a double picture, it would be good to make an appointment to check if you maybe suffer from cataracts. In our center we annually perform more than thousand cataract surgeries, also on concession.

Cataracts development factors

A lot of factors influence the disease development, the most frequent is genetic predisposition. If both of your parents suffered from cataracts there is a lot of chance that with age it will develop also in you. Somehow more predisposed to suffer from cataracts are women because of the hormonal alteration during menopause, smokers and those who excessively expose their eyes to UV-light. The only efficient way of treating cataracts is surgery, for which most people decide when the bad vision becomes an obstacle in everyday activities. This type of surgery is also a chance of getting rid of reading glasses. During the examination ask the doctor about the chance for multifocal lens insertion.

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  • Tomaz
    Tomaz, 66 years,  20. September 2013

    Thank you very much for the successful refractive surgery! I feel great, the orientation inside and outside is much more safe. Dr. Kristina, many thanks!

    Only a year ago I barely crossed the street with my glasses on. When Dr. Kristina performed surgery I can walk down the street with no glasses, thank you wholeheartedly, I was reborn!

Average visual acuity without eyeglasses before and after surgery


The only solution is surgery

It is one of the most safe and common eye surgeries which in those with a healthy fundus enables to regain a 100 percent visual acuity. A worse vision regardless surgery can occur in patients with some accompanying eye diseases. In our center we perform cataract surgery also on concession, in this case you need the referral from your personal physician. The surgeries are performed in our modern high-tech operating room which with rich experiences of our doctors decreases the risk of eventual complications on the lowest possible level. This is proved also by our statistics, since we had in the past ten years less than one per mill of complications.

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  • Detailed pre-operative examination
    Duration: 15 minutes

    If it turns out that you suffer from cataracts, before surgery we will perform a detailed examination of your eyes and its fundus with which we exclude the presence of eventual diseases or alterations of the eye where surgery is not possible. We will also present you the course of the procedure, which is the same as in age-related refractive error correction, and recommend the proper lenses for you. There are two types of lenses. With monofocal lenses you will still need reading glasses after surgery, multifocal lenses enable you a great near and far visual acuity. Cataract surgery is also a chance to get rid of reading glasses.

  • Outpatient surgery
    Duration: 30 minutes

    This procedure is performed in the process of outpatient surgery, under "eye-drop" anesthesia, which takes from 10 to 15 minutes. It is completely painless and we can perform it on both eyes simultaneously. Firstly, we trough a small, three millimeters long cut in the cornea, with the ultrasound break and remove the opaque lens and replace it with a proper artificial one. After surgery you will get all necessary medications and instructions how to take them. Our doctors are in the first few days after surgery available for emergencies 24 hours a day.

  • After-surgery examination
    Duration: 15 minutes

    The check-up is performed already the first day after surgery since the visual acuity is usually restored very quickly. If everything is all right we set an appointment for a re-examination in a month. In this examination, to those with the multifocal lens, prescribe the reading glasses. If you want to, you can perform this examination at your ophthalmologist.





Will I be able to see right after surgery?

The vision is right after surgery because of dilated pupils and the strong microscope light which enlightens the exe during surgery a little blurred. The patients who do not suffer from degenerative alterations on the eye fundus and which did not have complications during surgery can see clearly already the next day after surgery.

How long is the intraocular lens life?

Lenses which are implanted in the eye in cataract surgery are made in the way that they do not alter over time and remain the same for the whole life.

What do I gain if I decide for surgery with multifocal lens insertion?

If you decide for monofocal lenses you will after surgery still need reading glasses. If you choose multifocal lenses, your near and far visual acuity will be perfect and in this way you will not need extra glasses any more. You will save money for current correction glasses expenses.

Is laser used in cataract surgery?

Laser is used if in a couple of months after the insertion of the artificial intraocular lens, the posterior capsule membrane becomes opaque which decreases the visual acuity again. In such patients we interrupt the opaque membrane with laser and in this way improve their vision.



Includes surgery, all needed medications and follow-up visit.
Possibility of payment in installments. With no waiting periods.

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