Age-related refractive error correction surgery with multifocal lens implantation

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If you entered in the fifth decade and you notice that each time when you are reading the newspaper you hold it further away from yourself, you probably suffer from farsightedness which sooner or later strikes everyone. But if you can not tolerate reading glasses, let us cheer you up: also age-related refractive error can be corrected.

The most appropriate candidates are those with prior refractive error

The age-related farsightedness can be corrected with the insertion of a special, multifocal lens which enables to see clearly the near and far objects. The most appropriate candidate for such surgery are those who suffer from age-related farsightedness with prior refractive error – nearsightedness or farsightedness. Under such conditions we achieve the best results with this surgery.

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  • Milly
    Milly, 64 years,  7. April 2014

    I am very happy that I decided for cataract surgery at Morela Ophthalmologists. The surgery was performed by Dr. Kristina Mikek. It was short, completely painless, and not to speak of kindness and commitment of Dr. Mikek who was constantly encouraging me and thanking me for cooperation. I would definitely once again decide for this procedure. The day after surgery on the examination my eyesight was clear and I could easily read the smallest letter from the chart. After surgery I didn’t have any problems, and I was really happy that I decided for such treatment. Goodbye reading and distance glasses. I warmly recommend Morela Ophthalmologists to everyone, they are really the best with Dr. Kristina Mikek at the head.

  • Saso
    Saso, 30 years,  19. September 2013

    What should I say, the feeling is great – when I wake up I do not have to fumble for my glasses on the night table any more. I have been wearing glasses since I was two years old, so this is quite an acquisition for me. Morela Ophthalmologists made my wish come true! The surgery was painless, as it was the recovery, and this in why I would like to compliment the whole team, because each and every one of them was very professional. So, if you would like to correct your vision I warmly recommend them, they are trustworthy!

Average visual acuity without eyeglasses before and after surgery


Most patients completely independent from glasses

More than 85 percent of patients are after multifocal lens insertion in both eyes completely independent from glasses. Without them they can read, use the computer, drive, practice sport. This is a procedure which can completely transform your lifestyle and rejuvenates you because it is not necessary to search for your glasses any more. If you are one of those suffer from cataracts, it is important that you think about the decision for multifocal lens, because in this case, with surgery, we do not only regain your eyesight, but we also ensure you a perfect visual acuity when looking at close or distant objects completely without glasses.

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  • Assessment of suitability for surgery
    Duration: 15 minutes

    Informative consultation is a short free examination with which we find out whether you are a good candidate for age-related refractive error correction surgery with multifocal lens implantation. If it turns out that in your case this type of surgery would be proper, we will explain the course of surgery, its benefits and limitations. We will answer to all of your questions. The guarantee for the highest degree of safety and quality of our procedures are our experience, professional qualification and the most modern technologic equipment. All of this is confirmed by the received international accreditation of the American foundation Joint Commission International.

    With a short test you can verify by yourself if you are one of those who are probably good candidates for age-related refractive error correction surgery with multifocal lens implantation.

  • Detailed examination before surgery
    Duration: 1 hour

    If you are a good candidate for surgery and you will decide for it, before surgery we will perform a detailed examination of your eyes and its fundus with which we exclude the presence of eventual diseases or alterations of the eye where multifocal lens insertion is not possible. In this examination all of the biometrical eye measurements will be performed, which are necessary for lens dioptric value calculation, and we will advise you the most proper lenses. There is a lot of different types of multifocal lenses which differ in optical characteristics. All of the lenses are individually made and are adapted to your eyes and dioptric value. We use only the most qualitative lenses of leading specialist producers.

  • Surgical treatment
    Duration: 15 minutes

    This surgery is the same as in cataract surgery. This procedure is performed in the process of outpatient surgery, under "eye-drop" anesthesia, which takes from 10 to 15 minutes and is completely painless and we can perform it on both eyes simultaneously. Age-related farsightedness and also nearsightedness and astigmatism are corrected in the way that we firstly trough a small, three millimeters long cut remove the natural lens, and change it with the artificial multifocal lens. After surgery you will get all necessary medications and instructions how to take them. Our doctors are in the first few days after surgery available on telephone 24 hours a day. We find the simple and quick doctor availability very important, because it gives the patient a feeling of safety and it calms them down.

  • After - surgery examination
    Duration: 15 minutes

    Recovery from such a procedure is quick; the eyesight is usually already the next day completely normal. Nevertheless you will have to, with the inserted multifocal lens, adapt to looking at objects from up close, which can take a few weeks after surgery. The first after-surgery examination is usually performed the next day after surgery, additional check-up follows after three to four weeks. We always modify the after-surgery examination in the way that we follow your recovery, which ensures your safety and the optimal result of refractive error correction.



Is it possible that after such surgery I will see worse than before?

It can happen if during surgery complications occur, such as bleeding in the eye, retina detachment, posterior capsular rupture. But the chance of serious complication is minimal, less than 0,1 per mil. We never had such complications.

What is the main difference between a multifocal and an ordinary lens?

The optics of multifocal lenses is very complex and it bends the light under different angles. In this way multifocal lens despite the developed age-related farsightedness regains the near and far visual acuity. In multifocal lens insertion, the patients do not need glasses for reading and distance glasses. This holds true also for patients who need cataract surgery and decided for multifocal lens insertion.

Is it possible that after some time the multifocal lens blurs?

We use only the most qualitative multifocal lenses of leading specialist producers which are proved to be safe and to not alter over time, which means that the lens practically can not get blurred. The complication which can occur but it can also be successfully solved is the later development of posterior capsule opacification – blurring of the capsule where the artificial lens lays. This opacification is corrected in a simple way with few minutes lasting completely painless outpatient laser procedure.

Is eye lens insertion a painful procedure?

No. The surgical procedure of multifocal lens insertion is the same as in cataract surgery. We perform it as an outpatient procedure with eye-drop anesthesia. We numb the eye in a very simple way with drops of local anesthetic and this makes the surgery completely painless.


    If you are thinking about getting rid of your glasses and seeing again, we are inviting you to join us on the informative lecture. You will learn everything about refractive error correction surgeries, you will get practical information about the course of examinations, surgery and recovery. 
    You will get to know our team and have a chance of a relaxed consultation with the doctor.



Includes surgery, high-quality multifocal intraocular lens Zeiss, all required medications and all follow-up visits. Possibility of payment in installments. With no waiting periods.

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