We are the first and currently the only Eye Center in wider region with the accreditation of the American organization Joint Commission International, which is known as the most respected accreditation institution in the field of health care. All of our work processes are carefully supervised, which with our professionalism, many years of experience and modern technology ensures our patients the highest level of quality and safety of services.


Refractive error correction

Surgeries for refractive error correction became with the technologic development, new intraocular lenses and improvement of surgery techniques accessible to a wide circle of people. If glasses or contact lenses bother you, but your eyes are healthy, one of the surgeries for permanent refractive error correction is probably a good choice for you.


Cataract surgery

It is one of the most common eye surgeries. In our center we annually perform more than thousand cataract surgeries, also on concession. We ensure a high degree of safety and success with our experienced doctors, constant education, use of quality materials, and modern, well-equipped surgery room.


Keratoconus treatment

The method of "corneal cross-linking", with which we slow down or stop the disease progress, and in this way we avoid the need of corneal transplantation, was introduced in Slovenia for the first time by our doctor, Dr. Kristina Mikek, who regularly conducts workshops and international symposia about this treatment. With correct diagnostics and early intervention we can with this surgery stop the progress of this quiet disease which gradually leads towards corneal failure and vision loss.


Cosmetic eye services

If the tired appearance of your eyes, dropping eyelids, cysts or under eye wrinkles bother you, you can get younger in few minutes. With botox, hyaluronic acid or minor surgery procedures, we can efficiently remove the most visible signs of aging on the face. With rejuvenated eyes, your new look will become younger again.


Specialist examinations

If you want to check, whether your eyesight and your eyes are healthy, preventively or because of some problems, you can do it with paying a visit to our center. We are equipped with the most modern equipment for eye examination which enables us to conduct the complete diagnostics in one place.


Are you a good candidate?

If you want to know immediately, whether you are a good candidate for laser refractive surgery, answer to seven simple questions. You will need just few minutes.

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